Itchy Ear Smoothie February 08 2016

The title really has nothing to do with this fantastically tasting and highly healthy smoothie recipe. It just so happened that during the demo once I drunk the smoothie, the ear started itching. I am wondering if there is a possible relationship or if it was a coincidence.

Ok, so this is what's in this high antioxidant smoothie, using for blending the old KTec (Blendtec) Champ blender with a new replacement jar by Alterna (with sharp blades, by the way):

pineapple from costco, coconut, spinach, red beet green leafs, grapefruit, almond butter, Greek style yogurt from Walmart, cucumbers, egg shell for calcium fortification, and aloe vera, and grapefruit peel, as opposed to crap fruit, 2 cups of water, blended for about 40 seconds. Yield 48 ounces.