Alterna(TM) Blender Jar LLC introduces the better versatile replacement container for Blendtec(TM) blenders, Vitamix, Waring XT Raptor style, Omega, and also fits on Omni JTC blenders. The jar has a replaceable blade assembly cutting unit, especially advantageous to replace your Blendtec jar or add an alternative jar with the replaceable blade feature.

Alterna focuses on replacement blades for all powerful meaningful main blender brands, and its blade units.

Blending Quality
  • You can blend anything from the finest smoothies, hottest soups, ice cold ice creams, toughest nut butters, powdery flour from grains, fresh sauces, purees and much more. The BPA-FREE Jar with the multi-purpose dry/wet blade unit cuts through avocado pits, blends ice cubes and frozen foods, and can pulverize flax seed and many other variations of ingredients.
  • The Alterna Jar and our multi-purpose blade cutting unit assemblies are very robust . The jar material is made from the toughest food-grade and FDA approved Co-Polyester BPA-Free (Eastman Tritan(TM)) material. The blade assemblies, specifically the bearings and shafts feature an additional shaft seal to increase longevity. Still we recommend to keep out of dishwasher and hand-wash only, and never soak in sink.
  • We offer one kind of warranty for both, residential consumer and restaurant commercial use. It is a limited all-coverage 1 year warranty against defective workmanship and/or material. In order to determine if the blade unit and/or the Alterna Jar components are defective or have a defective material, it takes just a few blends. Warranty does not cover against wear and tear, which everything else is. Take good care of your blade, follow recommended cleaning and sanitizing procedures, and the jar / blade assembly will last longer. Depending on usage, the blade may wear out sooner or later.
30 Days Return Policy
  • We will ship the Alterna Jar and Blade and Universal Tamper products within the USA and Worldwide. For more information about delivery and the return policy click HERE
  • You can always reach us by phone (801) 623-3225. We pride ourselves to treat our customers like our friends. After all, we care more about building relationships than selling blenders. We will not try to sell you more than what you are asking for. If we think you don't need a 2nd jar, we will try to talk you out of it.


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