30 Days Return Policy

We guarantee your purchase satisfaction with a 30 days return policy. This means, should you not be completely satisfied with your purchase of Alterna Jars and Blades or Tampers, you can return your purchased items to Alterna Blender Jars LLC (aka 123Vita LLC) for a full refund, however with following specific limitations and exclusions and/or circumstances:

  1. The return must be pre-authorized by us either by phone and/or by email (801)-623-3225 / customerservice@alternajar.com
  2. The return needs to be sent to: 123Vita LLC, 3505 Bay Court, Eagle Mountain, UT 84005 (USA)
  3. Include a copy of your original invoice of the said purchase and the purchase must have been made from an authorized dealer (or from us). Refunds are made by the one who received your money for your purchase.
  4. Defect does not authorize a return but falls under warranty claims. The product must be in UN-USED NEW CONDITION. We refuse used and/or damaged product returns (these fall under Warranty if there is damage, provided it is a qualified warranty and not due to misuse or negligence).
  5. Return shipping cost must be pre-paid by customer, no matter if the return is from within the USA or from abroad.
  6. The product return for a full refund needs to be received on /and/or prior to 30 days from the date of purchase no matter from where it comes from. Full refund means that the purchase price minus our applicable shipping cost is refundable. Although our prices might include "free shipping" from time to time, or be reduced in price and then reflect PLUS SHIPPING prices, nothing is free, -we pay for it- therefore in the USA 1 Jar carries a $10 shipping fee if you bought a jar with FREE or Included shipping USA, or the actual listed shipping charged as shown in the listing (whichever is higher), same goes with 1 blade a $5.00 shipping cost, and 1 tamper (tamper/lid system) a $5.00 shipping cost, which may be automatically in the price, or the actual listed shipping charge, whichever is higher. Outside the USA it is $28 for 1 jar, $13 for 1 blade, and $15 for 1 tamper (lid/tamper system), if shipping was included in the price, or the actual listed shipping charge, whichever is higher, which will be deducted from the refund. We will refund all 100% if we screwed up. Better explained, if you paid for shipping extra in addition to the product price you paid, that or the before-named shipping calculations will be deducted from the refund, if the item is returned for a refund.
  7. If we shipped the incorrect product we will provide a shipping label for return, or refund reasonable shipping expenses.
  8. We will deny refunds for product that arrives for return after 30 days from the date of purchase. we will help you take care of your problem as is reasonably possible.
  9. We prefer not have you return your purchased product. Therefore it is essential that you chose wisely and even contact us with questions before your purchase.

Basically, if we did something wrong, we want to fix it. If a customer just made a wrong purchase, or didn't read description carefully enough, and then experiences buyer's remorse, or broke the item, the customer needs to fix it, but we will try to help "within reason". - Please do not forget, that we too are consumers, and we too understand customers' desires for fair, responsible, and reasonable treatment. So, please talk to us. We are available by phone and/or by email and are available to answer any questions pertaining to our Alterna Jars and Blades and Tampers. We hope that we can reduce or even eliminate returns with means of a higher level of customer interaction. Please talk to us! Returning goods is a hassle for everyone. Ask questions before you make your purchase. We take orders also over the phone" +1-801-623-3225

Alterna Jars LLC

(801) 623-3225 / customerservice@alternajar.com

Other emails:

  1. lifestyle@123vita.com
  2. customerservice@omniblender.com


Every purchaser who proceeds through checkout must enter a valid email address for correspondence. If you want to be notified of any warranty and/or defect recall information pertaining to the product you have purchased, it can only be sent to you via email as we do not notify anyone by regular postal correspondence. If your email address is invalid, outdated, and/or you cannot be reached by email for whatever reason, you acknowledge that it is not our responsibility to run after you with the product information, and you therefore hold us harmless from any liability. Read the emails that you receive from our company!