Blade Cutting Unit Assemblies

Blade Assembly for Alterna Jar - JTC Blender

The Alterna Blades are the best. We have blades that fit regular Vitamix jars and Omni blender jars, the one for $35. Our new product is however a new jar, the Alterna container which comes with our own proprietary blade unit cutting assemblies ($30), specifically made to fit into the Alterna Jar for the Blendtec group of blenders, and another blade (opposite turning direction and different gear size) is engineered to fit the Alterna jar for the Waring XT Raptor kind of blenders (aka Good4U blenders), Vitamix, Omni

 The Alterna Blades are equipped with an extra layer of shaft seals for extended longevity, and all of our blade assemblies are made with a stainless steel alloy very hard and durable and the 4 sharpened knives, for multi-purpose blending, as opposed the Blendtec(R) blades are dull.