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Alterna(TM) Jars [and Blades] is officially a DBA of 123Vita, LLC company known and registered as Alterna(TM) Blender Jars LLC. In short we go by Alterna Jar. This however incorporates also our Alterna Blades and the Universal Tamper and any other products and components that we offer for sale. We used to sell high powered smoothie blenders. Because they didn't break enough or wear out fast enough, and because we saw the need for a high quality replacement blender container with replaceable blades specifically for Blendtec aftermarket usage, we developed and engineered right here in the USA a new bigger better and more versatile multi-purpose interchangeable blender container with dual replaceable multi-use and multi-blender brand blade cutting unit assemblies.










Our inventions are patent pending and equipped with proprietary blade units, engineered with strength and extra durability while providing optimized blending quality. Everything we do makes sense and is the result and the answer to a market need. Globally there are literally tens of millions of blenders distributed among consumes and restaurants. Their jars and blades wear out and brake all the time.

Our mission is to provide versatility, user-friendly and cost effective (lower cost than competitors') after-market retro-fit blender jars, blades, tampers, etc. for commercial and consumer blending and food processing and juicing applications. We offer business opportunities to resellers and dealers globally, as well as an affiliate marketing program, which is a consumer referral commission program. On top of it, but certainly not least, we believe in Down-Selling as opposed to always trying to sell our customers more and more and more on top over that which they have inquired about. Consumers should be advised carefully so they buy only that what they need, hopefully spending less money than originally expected. We pride ourselves in over-delivering and exceeding expectations. Try us out!

Our contact information is:

Alterna Blender Jar LLC
3505 Bay Court
Eagle Mountain, UT 84005 USA
(801) 623-3225


email addresses:

  1. Customerservice@alternajar.com
  2. lifestyle@123vita.com


123Vita LLC has been in business since March 2008. We have always been only selling through the internet ever since the beginning.

The people on our team are mostly health-focused with high integrity. All together there are hundreds of years of health food experience involved among our associates and affiliates. We have also lots of resell dealers who are restaurant supply distributors, blender resellers, importers, restaurants small and large and national chains, chiropractors who often operate a wellness center of some kind.

Food is always in the center as something that will help improve someone's health. Even if your health is good, we always need to do something good for ourselves. That is exercise and eating well. In our case, we, and our associates focus on eating well. A smoothie made with a powerful blender makes THE difference in food preparation when it comes to phyto-nutrition as something that will help improve wellness. And because we have many years experience in selling the major high powered blender brands, and because they don't break very often, we have switched our business focus on replacement carafes, containers, lids, tampers, blade assemblies, and sound enclosures, all to improve blending quality and fill the need of better and lower cost versatile and interchangeable replacement parts among Vitamix, Waring, Blendtec, Omega, JTC Omniblend, Good4U and other blenders.

Privacy Policy and Website Use Policy and other company disclosures

Any information entered as part of the order processing or attempted order processing within our shopping cart unit is strictly kept private and remains the property of and within the 123Vita LLC companies aka Alterna(TM) Jars LLC, aka Alterna Jars and Blades LLC, 3Blenders.com, Alternajar-store.com, Alternajar.com, OmniBlender.COM or JTCOMNIBLENDUSA.com companies. The only information our secure shopping cart checkout system does not have is your complete credit card number; Any other information is strictly used for our own business purposes and never will be released, transferred, or sold to non-related entities or persons. We also retain customer contact information as entered during the checkout process even if the purchase process is interrupted and/or not completed.

Users of this website are those persons that enter our website(s) directly or indirectly through links throughout the worldwide web that link to our business. A person uses our website when browsing and / or reading information located on our website, and/or in addition placing or attempting to place an order, opening an account, replying to a blog article, and or contacting us through email or phone.

We strive to reach the highest customer service and satisfaction level attainable. We like to undersell and over-deliver. Our marketing approach is low-key without any kind of pressure. We hate up-selling, especially when it is apparent that a customer does not need the product. If customers order something that just does not make sense to us, we will contact you before order fulfillment. We rather sleep at night than worrying about any bad deeds we may have done. Our customers are our bread and water. We promise to treat them with respect and equitably. We expect our customers to treat us equally equitably, especially when it comes to correcting errors, flaws, or misunderstandings. We don't like to be taken advantage off, just like we treat our customers in all fairness. We are not perfect, mistakes can happen, and we will cure our side of the error within reason; we expect the same reasonable response from our customers. And we thank you for that!


Blendtec, Vitamix, Waring, etc... are trademarked registered names owned by their applicable brand owners. Warranty assumptions are optional at the discretion of Alterna(TM) Jar LLC, just in case a brand owner implies or expressively discriminates against fair competitors and tries to suppress, and/or monopolizes the market for themselves by inducing a Warranty Limitation threat that warranty may be void or voidable if their brand-equipment is used with a non-brand component. We may cover over that said warranty to accommodate consumers with their concerns, however only applicable if it can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt that said equipment has failed due to our product and/or service, and nothing else...

The mere fact that our equipment, product, parts, supplies, components, etc... may fit, in itself, on one or another and/or multiple brand - blenders, types, models, and/or features, is not prohibited, and/or nor can it be prohibited. Our product and component(s) are tested in our facility and are safe to use to the best of our knowledge, if the user follows instructions and adheres to operations and user manual, and/or uses reasonable common sense blending and/or safety practices. Surely, it can safely be assumed, competitors, the brand owners of said blenders equipment, for which our specific components are made to fit and to work with, may not approve such cross and/or interchangeable applications. That said, the buyer and owner / user of our components and parts or jars and blades and tampers, and/or sound enclosures, uses such at their own discretion and at their own risk, understanding very well what the ramifications may or may not be.

Further, whether a customer has purchased our products directly through and/or from us and/or our website and/or any other outlet channels, as well as/and/or through indirect channels such as re-sellers, dealers, affiliates, the customer acknowledges by using this website and/or making any kind of purchase(s) for us, as such and then uses these acquired components - products, he/she is responsible for his/her own safety and product performance, and holds 123 Vita LLC and its affiliated entities harmless from any liability claims, whether that be of property nature, tangible, intangible, the loss of use, any kind of monetary claim and/or damage, and/or from bodily injury, dismemberment, death, to and/or of the person operating the associated equipment him/herself and/or by and/or through others directly and/or indirectly. In other words, you use our product at your own risk.

We reserve the right to sell or refuse to sell whom ever we chose to sell or not to sell and/or deliver product and/or service too, all at our sole own discretion, and on a first-come-first-serve basis. If we refuse to deliver a said placed and paid-for order, we will fully refund the purchase, of course.


We require that every purchaser who proceeds through checkout must enter a valid email address for correspondence. If you want to be notified of any warranty and/or defect recall information pertaining to the product you have purchased, it can only be sent to you via email as we do not notify anyone by regular postal correspondence. If your email address is invalid, outdated, and/or you cannot be reached by email for whatever reason, you acknowledge that it is not our responsibility to run after you with the product information, and you therefore hold us harmless from any liability. Read the emails that you receive from our company!

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