Tampers Accelerator Tools

The need for a tamper tool accelerator stick is big, even if the blender factory claims it is not needed It is
about safety, and safely stirring ingredients during a tough stiff thick blending project. If you don't have it and need it then you get into unsafe blending situations. You should never use a fork, knife, or even your hand, to push down on ingredients when ice is too sludgy or for some other reason the blending cycling / vortex is not going as expected (getting stuck). All you need is just a quick push and get it going again. A tamper is not for "always" use, it is just for the occasional event should you get stuck.  Please select your appropriate tamper if you would like wood. But tell you the truth, the universal tamper is far better and the material is food grade acetal delrin approved by the FDA for food contact.