Tampers Accelerator Tools

Tamper for the Alterna Jar
Our primary tamper product is designed for the use in the Alterna Jar. A tamper helps increase and accelerate the blending process. Mostly the reason for the use of a tamper tool is the need to push down on ingredients in a safe way, without touching the blades during operation, while at the same time accelerating - making the ingredients inside the jar blend up. If the water / liquid to solids ratio is low, there won't be a vortex flowing smoothie concoction going,.... until you push down just briefly, just enough to get things going. Instead of using a fork or spoon (unsafely), the Alterna Jar has this tamper feature available. The Alterna Jar fits on multiple type of Blenders, such as the Vitamix, Waring MX, JTC omni, and the Blendtec blenders. You can use the Alterna Jar with the tamper on these blenders, as well as get just the lid with the tamper for the use on Blendtec jars (wildside and fourside). We have a few other tamper tool products, but are eventually discontinuing all, but the Alterna products.