Warranty & Limited Liability Acknowledgement

Warranty Information & Use Policy

In general, warranty is limited to the extent that it is meant to cover the customers' acquired product (from us at (R)  Blender Jars and Blades (aka Alterna jar) or from an authorized dealer) against defects of workmanship and/or defective material and components. When a product or component is defective it is visible either at first inspection and/or within days or a few weeks if the product is used. See  Blade Care Guide . "Limited" means therefore that the warranty is limited to just that, the defect in that period, and not what may be wear and tear or misuse / negligence. Wear and tear is normal through regular use. The more frequently a product is used the faster or sooner the wear and tear can occur.

The type of ingredients and their consistency hardness solid to liquid factors in to the huge variable of how long a product lasts and/or when for example the blade assembly needs to be replaced.

Wear and tear is not entirely measurable due to variables arising from the use and what the user does with the product exactly, and how it is used. Some of the wear and tear may be excessive and/or could come from misuse, false use, inappropriate cleaning or storage or usage, or from negligence, and/or some damage or breakage of parts and/or components could be a cause-effect result, arising from variable usage, exertion, over time, thus leading to material fatigue, thus wear and tear -

Material Wear:

Subject to wear and tear and usage, materials can reach a fatigue point that could lead to breakage. Jar walls can break and metal knives can break, all due to material fatigue. This fatigue is caused by the use some due to the type of use, what was blended and also the frequency. We are always interested in learning about the user experience and occurrences so we can improve our product. Materials and product components are manufactured not by us but by contracted factories that have their own standards and safety quality controls of which we have no control over. See Blade Care Guide.

Disclaimer: We are not liable, or cannot be held liable, refuse to be held liable for any associated direct or indirect damage to property and/or body, injury, loss of any kind of financial nature and/or health, dismemberment or death, etc. Customer, no matter how they obtained the Alterna Jar component directly or indirectly, uses our product at their own risk.

If a user misuses the product or is negligent with its use or cleaning, and/or did not inspect the product to prevent breakage, the warranty will not apply. The following warranty for products covered under our limited warranty covers against defects whether product is used or not used during the warranty period. Each product is stamped with a manufacturing date and/or a mark that associates to a batch of a specific product production date, which helps us to determine warranty coverage compared to a specific inventory allocated to a purchase. In other words, we can track your purchase. If your purchase is not traceable then it is simply without warranty.

Product has to be returned to us before warranty can be claimed and/or verified. Customers must prepay postage of said warranty return, subject to prior return authorization given from us by phone or email.  In any case, in order to qualify for warranty, the customer has to provide proof of purchase made from us (Alterna Jar) and/or an authorized dealer. - Country-distributors who have a secured territory from us do not qualify under this warranty as it is expected that they provide their own warranty for their market). Shipping is not included in warranty coverage (both, from and to directions).

Product warranty means that we either replace and/or repair the product as is reasonable at our discretion. Product returns for refund is not warranty, and warranty is also neither associated to buyer's remorse or any other reasons for a return.

What is not covered is for example negligence. Negligence or misuse is using the jar for example for unintended uses such as blending up ipods or rocks and/or any other non-food items, and food items that are clearly not or at least difficult to blend, like dried and aged avocado pits (they are as hard as a rock), one example among many other possibilities. If it is clear a jar is cracked because it has been dropped (or other causes for damage), the warranty will be voidable. If a jar and/or together with a blade unit, and/or the blade by itself, if the jar / blade bearing unit has been cleaned inappropriately (i.e. in dishwasher or having soaked it in sink / water puddle) the warranty will not apply. How do we know? We know when we inspect it. For example we can tell if a jar has been used commercially and therefore the jar and blades show specific wear signs, and we can tell if the jar / blade has been immersed in water for soaking or cleaned inside a dishwasher because of pre-mature blade bearing seizure. Commercial use is determined by frequency of use rather by monetary and/or business registration type. For example, excessive use ie 10 times a day + at a residence, could still be considered a commercial application, not implying any specific amount of minimum or maximum uses. One of the commercial use definitions could be determined also by its mere cleaning practices, if a blade / jar is none other cleaned and/or treated as if it were a commercial fast paced environment.

Do not use the Jar if the blade bearing is already or is in the process of seizing up. Inspection See Blade Care Guide. This can be detected through regular checking, turning back and forth of the blades from the outside with the gear by hand. If there is leaking and/or some kind of a colored material exiting on the bottom outside of the blade assembly, this would also be a sign that something is not right, and/or if you feel a roughness when turning the blade, or increased grinding noise, smoke, abnormal motor sound... etc. In these cases call us to verify the condition with us and see if the blade assembly needs to be and/or can be replaced.


Alterna Jars and Blades

1 Year Warranty against defects on both, the jar and the blade unit originally installed in the jar - limited to the first jar / blade combination purchased. If a consumer purchases a complete jar with blade, the warranty is 1 year for residential use.

6 Months Warranty for Commercial Use

Replacement Blades

6 Months Warranty against defects for replacement blades. Replacement blades purchased from us after a blade has be changed out from a jar with expired warranty, the warranty of that said exchange-blade unit is 6 months for residential use.

3 Months Warranty for Commercial Use


Blade Assembly Spline / Gear Piece

(8/8/2017 update). Specifically the gear spline piece for any kind of use on the Blendtec blenders inside the Alterna jar, while generally covered under our warranty policy, is attached as a separate piece, instead of being a one-piece gear-shaft. The blade is attached to that shaft on top. The gear piece on the bottom end screws on left turning and loosens right-turning. If the spline shows dents and marks similar or worse as shown in picture right, it indicates wear and tear extremities due to misuse. These are due to habits like not waiting until the blender motor has come to a full stop before lifting the jar off the blender, or tilting the jar when lifting off, or wiggling it back and forth to get stiff hard to blend creams butters and purees to blend instead of using a tamper.

This piece is intended to be a lower-cost clutch piece which only Vitamix blender types normally offer with their low cost drive sockets. But Blendtec does not have a replaceable drive socket aka clutch. With Blendtec blenders, the 'so-called' clutch that takes the beating and absorbs the energy from abuse (explained further below), is the entire expensive jar because the blade is sealed into the jar by a sonic-weld.  However, the Alterna jar, when abused within the use on the Blendtec blenders (especially but not limited to the use in connection with a sound enclosure) allows for a much lower-cost repair by switching out only the blade assembly instead of throwing away the entire jar. If the gear piece is stripped from the thread of the shaft, it is NOT covered under warranty herein, and while theoretically the shaft could be replaced as part of a repair, the most feasible action is to just replace the entire blade assembly, and is to be done at the customer's / user's expense. This repair or damage is not covered under our warranty because of misuse or abuse.

The abuse takes normally place by blender operators who lift the jar off their blender either with or without the use inside a sound enclosure. These operators do not wait until the blender comes to a full stop before lifting the jar off the blender motor. Actually, because of speed requirements in the blending smoothie industry, they often times tend to tilt the jar forward towards them and yank the jar off the blender in that tilt and create a grind-down and bend or dent the gear piece so severely that over a far too premature life duration, the gear piece (luckily only the gear piece) strips off the shaft thread. Now this is a lucky thing, because were you to use a Blendtec jar, you would most likely over a premature time line break out the entire blade assembly cutting system out of its sonic-welded position, which causes leakage etc... So the lucky thing is that you have only ruined the Alterna blade assembly. It is therefore strongly suggested that when blending ends and you get ready to lift the Alterna jar off the blender, to wait until the motor comes to a full stop before so doing. Also, always make sure you lift the jar up straight as opposed in a tilted position until the gear has cleared the motor-gear drive area.

Update as of 8/8/2017


Universal Tamper (Tamper is discontinued and replaced with a new version of a tamper specifically designed to fit the Alterna Jar and Lid(8/8/2017)

The Universal Tamper dowel / rod is not  under WARRANTY, so to speak. It does not break, unless it is blended up, which results only due to negligence/misuse. "Insert the [universal] tamper only with the lid in place on the jar and with the flange set at the appropriate level to prevent the end of the rod touching the blades during blending". If the flanges come loose, secure with a tape, or do not use the tamper. The warranty or defect of the rod itself is limited to production errors such as incorrect dimensions of grooves milled that would not permit the assembly of the flange rings appropriately. If the flange pieces therefore do not install due to wrong milled sections, notify us immediately within 30 days of purchase. The Flange rings are warranted for 90 days against breakage in the area where the two identical flange rings clip and snap together. Replacement rods and replacement flange rings are available for purchase as well. Use the tamper at your own risk and learn to know when and when NOT to use. Be aware of "GIVE" of lid that there may be a flex and potentially a cause to sink-in the tamper too deep into the jar, during operation, which could cause touching the blade during operation, which can lead to damage to the blade, the tamper, and the jar, and therefore use at your own risk.

As of 8/8/2017 we are officially promoting and selling our new solid one-piece tamper specifically designed for the use in Alterna Jars with Alterna Lid, and the use in the Blendtec Wildside and fourside type jars with the use of the Alterna lid. The tamper cannot break. If it breaks, it is because it has been blended up, which is not covered under warranty.



Coverage of Blendtec - Vita-Mix - Waring etc. Competition Warranty

We will replace a competitor's blender motor unit if it can be proven that the Alterna Jar and/or it's Blade in the Alterna jar, and/or the blade if installed in a different brand-jar was installed as an aftermarket component, through proper usage, and can be shown that it is directly associated for the cause of damage to said motor unit, of course within and/or limited to proper usage exclusively and coverage is only within the brand factory blender's warranty time frame... Our experience is however that it is very difficult to prove because of too many variables in the blending process. Upon inspection, we will also know, if the jar, blade, and/or jar and blade, or blade itself and the blender has been properly used for it's intended purposes. Either your blender motor was already old and/or worn out (and its factory warranty has already likely expired anyway), water has gotten into the motor and/or electronic controls, food debris over time has entered and covered motor coils and other components, or a motor damage or damage to the drive socket and/or its bearings has already been caused in whole or part, by the use of a seized up blade unit and/or over time and variable usage practices and ingredients normal wear and tear has led to material fatigue and deterioration and/or other use and/or negligence occurred. If there was no negligence or misuse, and your blender motor unit used was still under warranty at the time of occurrence, and the use of the Alterna Jar and/or Blade, as long as it has been used properly, not overloaded, only edible ingredients, and if the blender would have otherwise not broken would you have used the original factory jar and blade, then we will repair / replace your blender motor unit at our discretion whichever is less expensive at our own discretion. In this case, you will have to call us to get a pre-authorization, postage has to be prepaid and documentation of ownership / receipt etc has to be mailed to us the least expensive possible way (within the USA only), together with the motor unit, the jar, lid, tamper, etc... The blender and, and/or, jar, and, and/or blade need to be shipped to us in clean condition - we will not touch it if it has food debris on it.

Limited Liability Acknowledgement

Buy making a purchase from our website, you have acknowledged that you understand, and you hereby hold 123 Vita LLC, Alterna Jar LLC, and it's owners and/or assigns, harmless from any liability (ies) associated to, and/or allegedly having arisen from the use and/or operation of it's products, components, jars, blades, tampers, sound enclosures, parts thereof, should the consumer and/or blender operator and bystanders and/or their property receive injury, dismemberment, death, cuts, loss of property use, and/or any kind of damage.

By default through the usage of this website and/or your purchase, you acknowledge that you are using the aftermarket components at your own discretion and/or risk, and are responsible for it's final inspection before and/or after usage. It is the user's responsibility to know whether the blending system equipment used for blending operation is fit for it's blending and operational task and safe to use, just like it is with the operation of an automotive vehicle... you have to inspect tires, rims, brakes, whether passengers are seat-belted, etc as well.... At no time are we to be held responsible.

If a jar brakes, or a blade, if still under it's warranty period, and has sustained a " factory DEFECT" related breakage or damage, the product and/or component will be replaced only if under warranty. Replacement and/or compensation is limited to the product you have purchased, if it is a qualified warranty claim.

If you do not agree with our policies, please do not purchase our product! A link of our warranty and Limited Liability Acknowledgement is placed on every product page.


We require that every purchaser who proceeds through checkout must enter a valid email address for correspondence. If you want to be notified of any warranty and/or defect recall information pertaining to the product you have purchased, it can only be sent to you via email as we do not notify anyone by regular postal correspondence. If your email address is invalid, outdated, and/or you cannot be reached by email for whatever reason, you acknowledge that it is not our responsibility to run after you with the product information, and you therefore hold us harmless from any liability. Read the emails that you receive from our company!

Phone Number Requirement

We need a phone number in most or many cases, but especially always in international shipping cases. A phone number is not a requirement, but if we do not have a phone number, and if you therefore cannot be reached in case of a shipping problem or delivery issue abroad, we are not responsible for any consequential costs, shipping returns, etc. Therefore we prefer and recommend that you give us a phone number.

If we have no phone number from our customers and our secure shopping cart processing system notifies us of a possible fraud or flags your purchase for potential risks, then we contact you. If we cannot reach you by phone we will send an email. This will most like take longer to reach you. Therefore we cannot be responsible for shipping delays as we will not ship any orders until our questions and/or concerns are answered regarding the potential fraud and/or risk factors.