Benefits of Black Spotted Bananas March 23 2016

Black Spotted Banana Anti CarcinigensStudies have suggested that black spotted bananas produce or transition from starch to sugars that are easier to digest and are richer in antioxidants. This in turn leads apparently to a more anti-cancerous remedy the more black spotted the banana is. Scientists refer to it as the Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF).


So, apparently it is healthier to eat black bananas, the blacker the better, the riper the better. Of course, ideally you have your own banana tree in your backyard. But even if you don't, the aging ripening process by letting the banana sit to age, contributes to the same end result; less carcinogens when you drink or slurp your over-ripe banana.

I know, it looks gross. I grew up actually eating spotted apples and spotted bananas all the time. These were just the cheaper things to buy in the grocery store. Actually this is pretty funny, because according to this study that we found, these are better healthier ingredients and foods anyway.

See the video below to get an idea of how you can incorporate your black spotted banana into your smoothie. :