Aftermarket Blender Jar for Commercial Restaurant Operators February 26 2016

Restaurants and smoothie shops as well as coffee and beverage servers most of the time operate a high powered high quality Blender. These are either Waring, Vita Mix, or Blendtec type smoothie and drink machines. Click on Alterna Jar for more information.

Alterna Jar aftermarket container on Vita Mix and Blendtec blendersIt is common that jars and blades and their bearings wear out and need to be replaced. Restaurants, depending on size, buy sometimes from 4 to 20 new jars every year. Those that operate a blender that has a jar where blade assemblies can be replaced, buy the complete jar less frequently, but replace the lower cost replacement component "the blade cutting unit" or blending assembly, about 2 to 3 times a year. The only high performance smoothie machine that requires a complete whole new jar replacement is Blendtec.

It is estimated that globally about 30 to 50 million of these high performance food processors are in use. On average after warranty is expired, a blending container is replaced once every two years. This is including, on average, all, residential and commercial uses. In reality, residential kitchen applicators replace their blade and or jar about 3 to 5 years, while restaurants and especially smoothie shops replace their jars or blades about every 6 month. Giving this number, the global market is about 20 million jars per year between Vita Mix, Blendtec, and Waring.

Warranty of course varies between the brands and also subject to residential or commercial use. A commercial machine is not necessarily better. But for sure the warranty for commercial blending application is less than that for residential use. For example, Waring is all commercially focused and offers a 2 years warranty for parts and 1 year for service, in the USA. Blendtec and Vita Mix offer a 5 to 8 year warranty for residential operation and 1 year for commercial use. In other outside USA markets, the residential use warranty is between 2 to 3 years and commercial warranty is 1 year.

Ideally, if there was one type of jar that can fit on all three of these blender brands, the one product can literally address a 100 million dollar industry for replacement aftermarket jars.

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multi-blender container by Alterna Jars, fits Vita Mix, Blendtec, Waring blenders

Solutions to a Seized Up Blade Assembly Unit on a Blendtec / KTec Blender Container February 05 2016

The Problem

The blade assembly cutting assembly in Blendtec jars (Wildside and Fourside containers) are permanently fix installed in the jar. The ball bearings or bushing can seize up due to water entering the blade assembly housing / bearing housing. The seals sometimes wear out. When the blending assembly is not turning appropriately any more, blending creates smoke and some oil or debris could mix with the smoothie content.

The Solution

 Normally, like in Vita Mix type blending containers, blade assembly units can be removed from the jar and replaced. With Blendtec jars the only solution is to throw the jar away and buy a new jar, if your blender warranty is no longer valid. And there is really no reason why one should be upset. There are several things that can be done to prolong the life of the blade assembly unit as can be seen / read here - click here.

 See Video about changing out the Container, and what type of container might work the best with the objective to never repeat this expensive problem again.

Please note, even then, with any jar or blade regardless from which brand, that being Vita Mix, Waring, Hamilton Beach, JTC, Optimum, etc (and Blendtec), seals can wear out and blades can seize up. It is important to recognize the problem early so no further damage is caused to the blender motor itself.

How to Repair your Blender Blade