Cancer is a Real and Present Danger January 15 2016

Everybody knows someone who died of cancer. This is not because we necessarily have a cancer-pandemic on hand, but today communication works better, reporting, and determining cause of death is better. Plus the population is by about 2 billion greater than in the 70's and 80's. And people get old enough to get cancer, unless they die at a younger age because of war.

Regardless, in my family a bunch of people died of cancer. My paternal grandfather died of pancreatic cancer, my maternal grandmother died of kidney cancer, I had rectal colon cancer, my father had and survived leukemia, one of my cousins died of testicular cancer at age 23. One of the discovery factors for cancer cause of death is also the fact that people die at an older age today than 20 or 30 years ago. And so, because many people live long enough the get cancer later. And dying later is, or at least should be everyone's prerogative; it is mine for sure.

Whether you are concerned about cancer or not, you should always consult a doctor who can help you watch out for cancer signs. For example skin cancer signs are visible on your skin in a precancerous stage. Precancerous spots and infectious looking mold or fungus can be treated by either freezing it or cutting it out. Doctors will send in the biopsy to a lab to find out whether it may have been malignant or benign. What you want is 'benign', obviously. Or better yet, stay out of the sun. But what fun is that?

Other possible signs for cancer or symptoms related to cancer for example with colon cancer is pain in the abdomen, blood in the stool, and funny looking gooey alike stuff coming out together with the stool. The best rule of thumb to identify whether you should go to the doctor is pain. If the pain, in any case, no matter where it is, you should start investigating it. However keep in mind, in my case, the pain I experienced regarding my colon cancer was in my right foot heal. Using reflexology charts, the point that hurt on my heal was directly pointing to problem in my lower colon and sigmoid colon area and the rectum. Together with blood in the stool and a decade of slight but bearable pain, the signal became clearer and finally I went to the doctor.

Over the years I have investigated possible remedies for cancer, or at least things that might help prevent it and /or better it. Some very important remedy is food, although my oncologist said not to worry about food and just eat normal. Today, normal is fast food and everything out of the can.

The best foods to eat are lactose fermented cabbage (sauerkraut), carrots, garlic, celery, and red beat. What not to eat are white flour breads or pasta, sugar or any sugar substitute, sodas or carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverage, coffee, and excess of red meats. I have become a smoothie enthusiast because the vegetables and fruits are emulsified with a powerful blender to a point that more phyto nutrition is being released into the blood stream, thus giving you more nutrients. But besides blended foods and sauces, juicing is another good and additional method to add healthy nutrients to your body.

Smoothie Video for Cancer

Besides food, one consideration for a cause of cancer was also fungal growth. Whether you believe it or not, fungus is all among us. It is inside of you and on the surface of various parts on your body. Fungus can easier grow in moist and warm areas of your body, areas that are not well vented, such as the feet between the toes, and in the lower pelvis areas, if you know what I mean, as well as under your armpits. Often times people have fungus also growing on their hands, mostly because those are the tools for scratching where it itches. And fungus is known to cause itching.

Science does not yet support the idea of fungus somehow being related to cancer. But there are more and more articles written about it. And if you consider a potential chance for that, and regardless of that, fungus still causing problems by itself even if it is not cancer associated, it is still a good idea anyway to get rid of it. And how is that done?

Essential oils like Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Clove, Juniper, and a few others are known to be anti-fungal. Some of these oils may be more functional than others and may result in more burning or cooling than others. Peppermint is especially extremely cooling. Eucalyptus and peppermint are good vapor inhalants to address also nasal and lung related potential illnesses, things that may start with a runny nose or a cough.

Cancer, it's causes and remedies, is always a difficult and challenging topic to discuss. No matter what some people do or try to prevent it, or to heal from it, they are not successful. I have been visiting with many cancer patients during my visits when I received chemo and radiation treatments for my rectal colon cancer. It was a very humbling experience. Every single person I met wanted to live and wanted to try everything possible to survive, yet many of them did not. I do not have the perfect solutions either. For sure, trying to eat better and healthier, living a more active lifestyle, and looking at additional remedy options is not going to hurt.

Hopefully we will find the magic pill, or living waters, or the fountain of youth, that will heal us from death. My objective is immortality. And that I will have with certainty. But death is still a good chance to come my way sooner or later, in which case I definitely prefer "later", the later the better.

By Thomas Fox of Alterna Jar LLC


Broccoli slime: Bad tasting but very healthy. Blended in an Alterna Jar on a Blendtec blender.

How to Sit the Alterna Jar onto your Blender October 06 2015

The Alterna Jar is basically made to fit 2 different type of blenders. One is the Blendtec blender series. The other is the 'other' blender group, which is basically all the same, when it comes to blender jar compatibility.

Alterna jars on Waring Blendtec Vitamix Omni Blenders


They all fit on each others' blender platform, in other words. These are the Waring 3.5 hp blenders (not anything else from Waring), the Vita Mix type blenders, the Omni by JTC, and all their associated private label brands - all the same, basically, when it comes to their jars fitting onto one and the other blender.

The Blendtec blenders' motor turns clockwise and the Blendtec blender base comes with a drive socket attached to the motor axle permanently, metal on metal, no clutch. A clutch would be a way out to absorb energy (bad energy that could break the motor). And the Blendtec blender jars have permanently installed blades that cannot be removed, taken out without breaking the jar and/or the blade bearing assembly, and the blades are not sharp either.

As a matter of fact, Blendtec apparently insists that their blades perform better dull than any other sharpened blades / knives. The only beef with that is however that a dull sword does not cut off heads as easy or as clean as a sword that has a very sharp edge. Also a dull shear machine, if you get your hand in it, instead of cutting off your fingers clean, it will likely pull in your whole hand and arm etc.... you get the point. Bottom line, sharpened is better, no matter who you talk too. That said, and the point is, the blades in the Alterna Jar are sharp, very sharp. For Blendtec applications, the blade in the jar has been sharpened on the right side, ... because the knives are rotating right ways - clockwise.

Alterna Blade for Waring left - for Blendtec right

The drive socket gear is smaller in the Blendtec blenders, so of course the blade assembly in the Alterna jar for the Vita Mix blenders does fit into the Blendtec drive socket. Three things then; The Alterna blade assembly for the use in the Alterna jar on top of the Blendtec blender has a removable blade assembly that is sharpened, turns clockwise, and has the appropriate gear to fit on all Blendtec blenders, except with use in a sound enclosure. For that, there is a new jar on its way in the early 2016.

The blades therefore being different for the use in the Alterna Jar on top of the Waring 3.5 hp blenders and it's alike-kind-type blender bases. The knives are sharpened on the left side of the blade because it turns counter-clockwise. The gear is larger thicker because the drive socket part of that area of the blender motor axle is larger.

Then how do these different Alterna Jar configurations sit on each of these blenders? The Alterna Jar sits on the Blendtec blenders just normal, line its original Wildside or Fourside jar, straight and square. Remember, the Alterna jar was made with the intention that it also fits on the other kind blenders, like Waring, Omni, Vitamix,.... That in mind we engineered the bottom base of the jar in a way that just by turning the jar 45 degrees in an angle it would also fit on the other kind blender bases, thus missing the rubber cushion stubs.

People or restaurants that have both type of blenders, have the opportunity to switch the blade assembly out accordingly and use the Alterna Jar on both blenders. It is not so much that one should switch back and forth between the two uses. Mostly it is advantageous for restaurants that have Blendtec blenders in their shop and want to switch their blender equipment to Waring or Vitamix, for example. They don't have to buy all new jars. A Blade assembly is so much more inexpensive.

By Alterna Jar

Alterna Jar on Blendtec Blenders Alterna jar on Omni and Waring blenders




How to Repair your Blender Blade Assembly September 02 2015

First off, the Alterna jar fits on Blendtec blenders, Vitamix, JTC Omni, Waring 3.5 hp blenders, and all same kind alike platforms, aka the high powered really good and expensive blenders, usually. Second, if your blade assembly (in the case of the Blendtec jar, your bushings) have seized up or are in the process of wearing and bogging down and starting to seize, you need to look at repairing your blender container. Blendtec cannot be repaired - you have to buy a new jar - or consider a jar with replacement blade for your Blendtec blender (check warranty of your blender and jar before you spend money).

This following video gives you some good ideas about how to repair your blender jar or replace your container blade assembly. There is not much difference from blender to blender, if they are Vitamix, JTC Omni, Klarstein, Hamilton Beach, Optimum,... Again, if you happen to have a Blendtec container, the Wildside or the Fourside jar, then watch the video anyway to get a good idea of how advantageous a jar with removable blade can be.

Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Welcome to Alterna Jars and Blades June 23 2015

It's an Alterna Blender Jar LLC Company. We provide innovative newly developed Jars, Blades, Tampers, and after-market replacement parts and components for the most popular high performance blender brands (patent pending). These are Blendtec, Waring, Good4U, JTC Omniblend, to name a few most popular ones, among others. Our Alterna Jar, as the name already says, is the best replacement alternative for Blendtec blender containers, which features our patent pending US engineered and assembled exchangeable interchangeable and replaceable blade assembly blending cutting unit.  Our Alterna Cutting Units are made from the highest grade materials and seals to provide longevity and versatile blending options from wet, dry, ice, grain, powder, drink, juice, smoothie, shake, puree, sauce, butters, hot soup, and ice cream textures; all-in-one blade assembly as well as specialty knives.

Blender operators can use the same Alterna Jar that fits on Blendtec blenders also on their Vitamix, JTC OmniBlend, Waring MX1050XT blenders (and all other Waring MX1000XT, MX1100XT, MX1200XT, MX1300XT, MX1500XT and Good4U Raw Power Commercial 3.5 HP blenders), by switching out the blade cutting unit (because they turn in opposite direction and the gear size is different). The same jar, although the various blenders are designed with different size blender bases for their proprietary jars, just needs to be turned by 45 degrees to sit perfectly onto the various high performance blender base (patent pending filed).

This is the best website where you will find versatility and make-sense after-market retrofit inventions for consumer and smoothie business operators. We offer low prices for our quality products and give our consumers and authorized global resellers the opportunity to add value to their equipment and their pocket book.


Blendtec Blenders fix Blades - Alterna Jar with removable blade June 16 2015

The Orem Utah Blendtec company makes great blenders. They are very powerful blenders and blend efficiently. Blendtec blenders themselves will outlast their jars and blades by many years. Blendtec blenders are commonly known for its high quality textured blending. Tom Dickson, the CEO of the company, is well-known to blend up ipods, phones and rocks or diamonds with his successful "Will-it-Blend" blending presentations posted on Youtube. Blendtec's latest jar success is the twister jar; before it was the wildside container and the regular fourside jar.

The wildside jar used to be known as the 5-side jar or 3 quart jar. It surely has 5 patented sides, but it was never really or truly a 3 quart 96 ounces container. The blades, there are 2 knives, one on each side of the axle, are dull and turn counter-clockwise. If the blade bushing, note - it does not have bearings- wears out and seizes up, users have to replace the entire complete jar. This is because the blade assembly unit is fix installed and cannot be removed or exchanged like with the famous Vita-Mix design. Vita-Mix and Blendtec are arch rivals when it comes to tamper usage and application and removable exchangeable blades versus fix-installed blades. Vita-Mix also turns the blade counter-clockwise and their blades are sharped.

A Blendtec fourside jar runs about 70 to 80$ dollars, a Blendtec wildeside jar runs about $95 to $110 dollars. Vitamix blade assemblies cost about $ 65 to $70 dollars while their jar complete with blade is exorbitantly 150$ dollars expensive. These are USA prices. In other markets such as Australia or Brazil, Blendtec Jars are at least twice as expensive as here in the USA and Vitamix jars cost at least 50% plus over the US.

If you have a Blendtec blender as a consumer with a US 7 year warranty (Europe for example provides a 3 year Total Blender Blendtec warranty), while still on warranty, if you happen to experience a blade bearing / bushing seizing up, Blendtec is usually very accommodating (Not in Europe, Brazil or Australia though). Just give them a call, if you can, and they will send you a new container if your initial  blender purchase is still under warranty, of course. If your warranty has expired, you are looking at having to purchase a new jar. With Vitamix you just buy a new blade and swap that out. This is one of the reasons why many consumers and shop operators buy the Vita-Mix type (also the Warring or Omni) blenders in the first place.

Restaurant or commercial use warranty of Blendtec Blenders is in the US 1 year. Restaurants use the jars more than ten thousand times per year. Therefore the blade bushing wears out faster in a restaurant / commercial application over a household consumer usage. Go to for example your local restaurant equipment supply store where restaurant and smoothie shop operators usually buy their equipment and restaurant supply from and ask them what the biggest draw-back for Blendtec blenders is. They will tell you that many of their commercial customers go through a lot of Blendtec jars every year because you cannot switch out the blade assembly. This is very expensive for these business people because they have to buy all whole new complete jars every time.

Now, this is the question that we propose -and we have already the solution for it as well:  What if consumers and commercial operators could purchase a Blendtec blender container that has a better and removable / replaceable or exchangeable blade unit cutting assembly? What if there was an alternative jar and blade solution to the Blendtec blender smoothie application? What if the blade bearing were to wear out for example, and instead of having to buy a whole new jar, you could just replace the blade assembly for your Blendtec blender, just like you could do with your Vitamix?

To take it a step further, Alterna Blender Jars and Blades makes one and the same blender container to fit on Blendtec blenders, also to fit on Waring MX1050XT (and alike 3.5 hp extreme blenders), on the JTC Omni Blender, and Vita-Mix alike type blenders (also the Good4U)... just swap out the blade for the different direction and different size of gear.

Blendtec jars and blenders do not come with tampers. Vitamix blenders however do. Alterna makes a universal tamper specifically for the Alterna jar for your Blendtec blender application.

Alterna jar on Blendtec Blender