Cancer is a Real and Present Danger January 15 2016

Everybody knows someone who died of cancer. This is not because we necessarily have a cancer-pandemic on hand, but today communication works better, reporting, and determining cause of death is better. Plus the population is by about 2 billion greater than in the 70's and 80's. And people get old enough to get cancer, unless they die at a younger age because of war.

Regardless, in my family a bunch of people died of cancer. My paternal grandfather died of pancreatic cancer, my maternal grandmother died of kidney cancer, I had rectal colon cancer, my father had and survived leukemia, one of my cousins died of testicular cancer at age 23. One of the discovery factors for cancer cause of death is also the fact that people die at an older age today than 20 or 30 years ago. And so, because many people live long enough the get cancer later. And dying later is, or at least should be everyone's prerogative; it is mine for sure.

Whether you are concerned about cancer or not, you should always consult a doctor who can help you watch out for cancer signs. For example skin cancer signs are visible on your skin in a precancerous stage. Precancerous spots and infectious looking mold or fungus can be treated by either freezing it or cutting it out. Doctors will send in the biopsy to a lab to find out whether it may have been malignant or benign. What you want is 'benign', obviously. Or better yet, stay out of the sun. But what fun is that?

Other possible signs for cancer or symptoms related to cancer for example with colon cancer is pain in the abdomen, blood in the stool, and funny looking gooey alike stuff coming out together with the stool. The best rule of thumb to identify whether you should go to the doctor is pain. If the pain, in any case, no matter where it is, you should start investigating it. However keep in mind, in my case, the pain I experienced regarding my colon cancer was in my right foot heal. Using reflexology charts, the point that hurt on my heal was directly pointing to problem in my lower colon and sigmoid colon area and the rectum. Together with blood in the stool and a decade of slight but bearable pain, the signal became clearer and finally I went to the doctor.

Over the years I have investigated possible remedies for cancer, or at least things that might help prevent it and /or better it. Some very important remedy is food, although my oncologist said not to worry about food and just eat normal. Today, normal is fast food and everything out of the can.

The best foods to eat are lactose fermented cabbage (sauerkraut), carrots, garlic, celery, and red beat. What not to eat are white flour breads or pasta, sugar or any sugar substitute, sodas or carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverage, coffee, and excess of red meats. I have become a smoothie enthusiast because the vegetables and fruits are emulsified with a powerful blender to a point that more phyto nutrition is being released into the blood stream, thus giving you more nutrients. But besides blended foods and sauces, juicing is another good and additional method to add healthy nutrients to your body.

Smoothie Video for Cancer

Besides food, one consideration for a cause of cancer was also fungal growth. Whether you believe it or not, fungus is all among us. It is inside of you and on the surface of various parts on your body. Fungus can easier grow in moist and warm areas of your body, areas that are not well vented, such as the feet between the toes, and in the lower pelvis areas, if you know what I mean, as well as under your armpits. Often times people have fungus also growing on their hands, mostly because those are the tools for scratching where it itches. And fungus is known to cause itching.

Science does not yet support the idea of fungus somehow being related to cancer. But there are more and more articles written about it. And if you consider a potential chance for that, and regardless of that, fungus still causing problems by itself even if it is not cancer associated, it is still a good idea anyway to get rid of it. And how is that done?

Essential oils like Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Clove, Juniper, and a few others are known to be anti-fungal. Some of these oils may be more functional than others and may result in more burning or cooling than others. Peppermint is especially extremely cooling. Eucalyptus and peppermint are good vapor inhalants to address also nasal and lung related potential illnesses, things that may start with a runny nose or a cough.

Cancer, it's causes and remedies, is always a difficult and challenging topic to discuss. No matter what some people do or try to prevent it, or to heal from it, they are not successful. I have been visiting with many cancer patients during my visits when I received chemo and radiation treatments for my rectal colon cancer. It was a very humbling experience. Every single person I met wanted to live and wanted to try everything possible to survive, yet many of them did not. I do not have the perfect solutions either. For sure, trying to eat better and healthier, living a more active lifestyle, and looking at additional remedy options is not going to hurt.

Hopefully we will find the magic pill, or living waters, or the fountain of youth, that will heal us from death. My objective is immortality. And that I will have with certainty. But death is still a good chance to come my way sooner or later, in which case I definitely prefer "later", the later the better.

By Thomas Fox of Alterna Jar LLC


Broccoli slime: Bad tasting but very healthy. Blended in an Alterna Jar on a Blendtec blender.