Pink Smoothie - Fiber for the Rectal Colon Cancer Patient January 25 2016

I could lose a few words about the ingredients and functionality of our latest smoothie recipe video on Youtube. We suggest you just watch the video. It is about raw vegetables, and a banana-free smoothie approach with rather normally spicy ingredients delivering a kick. Enjoy this surprisingly good tasting smoothie in pink.

 See Disclaimer, and note the K-Tec Blendtec Champ blender we are using with the advanced Alterna aftermarket jar for Blendtec blenders, with replaceable blade and sharp knife edges.

Cancer is a tragedy for anyone. I have been so far successful to hold it off. But note, I too had surgery and chemo therapy. In some areas the radiation treatment caused severe tissue damage, a risk the oncologist was willing to take, not me though.

Feasting ever since on healthy smoothies has become a lifestyle choice for me. I have been in the Blender business, and now making aftermarket replacement containers for the big brand names, for over 8 years. During that time, although I have a weight problem, which is a good problem definitely indicating that I do not lose weight due to cancer, I have become accustomed and even dependent on a fiber rich diet.

Because I had colon cancer and subsequently a rectal colon surgery, you can imagine that the muffler is not always well lubricated. A daily intake of freshly blended up vegetables makes the going where every man, woman and child has to go, much easier. I am not talking about death here.

Being on a smoothie diet daily, allows me to live a normal or relatively normal lifestyle, even going out eating from time to time, and enjoying even a hamburger once a week. At times I am low on fiber intake - I do miss occasionally some weekend days - the going gets very tough. During that phase I usually spend 20 to 30 minutes on Dr. John's sewer lid about 3 to 5 times a day.

Sorry for the reality of crude verbage. I mean no offense. Colon cancer, and the life thereafter is a learning experience. It could be worse. Luckily I cheated the infamous colostomy bag.

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