Tamper-Lid for Blendtec Jar Use and any Alterna Jar use

$20.50 $49.50

 This Lid and Tamper is specially designed to fit on the Wildside and Fourside Blendtec Jar Blender Containers. Most people that blend up thick and heavier pastes, creams  (cremes), butters, purees or anything that you normally use a spoon or fork to stir with, in your Blendtec jar, can now safely be stirred, accelerated, and better be blended, if you use this Lid and Tamper system, manufactured in the USA by Alterna Jar LLC.

The lid fits on all Blendtec Wildside and Fourside jars, and in it you would insert the Alterna tamper. It is the safest way to stir your concoction. Don't throw away your Blendtec lid, because, that will come in handy having it for times when you need the vented cap.


Alterna Jar LLC makes aftermarket and retrofit products. We are not responsible for damage to your tamper or the jar because you have misused it. Only insert the tamper when the Alterna Jar is in place. If you use the tamper in connection with your Blendtec lid, the tamper can and will likely touch the blades and will consequentially be destroyed in the blending process. Other damage and/or injury can occur when you do that. The tamper is not under warranty because it does not break unless you destroy. You hold Alterna Jar LLC harmless when using the Alterna Lid and Tamper system. You are responsible to know when to use it and when not. This is not a Blendtec(R) product. The Blendtec jar in the picture is not included.

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