Alterna Jar fits Vita Mix Blenders - 80 oz with exchangeable blending assembly

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How the Alterna Jar fits on Vitamix or Blendtec type blendersComes WITH blade assembly installed . The aftermarket Jar that fits on all Vitamix(R) blenders, also Waring MX series Blenders and JTC Omniblend, EXCEPT THOSE INSIDE SOUND ENCLOSURES, is made from Copolyester BPA-FREE Eastman Tritan Food Grade material, and fits 80 ounces / 2,5 Liter volume of liquid or Tamper for the Alterna Jaringredients for actual effective blending. The blade is exchangeable / replaceable.  The sharpened Alterna(TM) blades (4 knives) work great for grain, dry, wet, and ice / frozen ingredients and especially great blending up seeds like raspberry blackberry or strawberry seeds.  You can make your hot soup too, or ice cream, and nut butters. The container bottom is specifically engineered for improved blend performance and easy cleaning.  The jar comes with a food grade rubber lid that has a (FLAP) cap lid attached so you don't lose it or even blend it up. Tamper not included.

Blade Assembly for Alterna Jar Vitamix Blender useIn addition, because VERSATILITY MAKES SENSE, this same jar can be used on on Blendtec blenders, simply switch out the blade assembly unit (turns in opposite direction) and sit the jar onto the Blendtec blender - see other jar listings specifically for the Blendtec blender. Disclaimer: The mere fact that it fits in itself is not prohibited by any of these brand manufacturers (Trademark Protected) - Once the appropriate blade assembly is installed, sit the jar on top of your Waring XT, Vitamix blender, Good4U, or JTC Omniblend, turning it 45 degrees as shown in the picture below. Inspect before every use!

European Engineering, Jar made in USA, assembled  USA. Blendtec, Waring, etc... are registered trademarks owned by the applicable brand owners. The mere fact that the jar and/or blade combination fits is not prohibited by law. Universal tamper and/or blender(s) in pictures for demonstration purposes only; not included. See Warranty and Return Policy


Disclaimer of liability and explanation of use policy (use at your own risk).

Blade Care Guide

Note, for longer lasting blade bearings, keep out of dishwasher and hand-wash only, hand-dry. Make sure the bottom plate retaining nut stays hand-tight at all times to prevent damage to the jar.

DOES NOT FIT INSIDE THE VITAMIX or WARING SOUND ENCLOSURES. The handle is in the way! So the cover won't close. If you want to use it, you will have to remove the cover and use the jar on your blender without the sound cover.

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Video - how to wash the Alterna Jar the best way

 Video - how to change or remove the blade assembly form your Alterna Jar



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