TAMPER - for Alterna Jars

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You are purchasing a tamper for the stirring and accelerating of your concoctions in your smoothie blender, in particular for the use in the Alterna Jar.  Better explained, this tamper reaches 6 inches into your jar beyond the hole of the lid. It is primarily designed for the use of the Alterna Jar, but if you will, it will technically fit any jar, and that at the user's discretion and risk, based on making sure the space between the about 2 inch diameter hole in the lid on top of the jar and the tip of the blades accommodates the tamper's length as to not touch the blades, - it either fits without touching the blades, it is too long or too short - that in mind.... if the tamper touches the blades during operation, it will likely be destroyed and/or even cause damage to the blender, the jar, the blades... etc... and your food will go to waste, and, .... we will not assume responsibility for it. So please make sure the tamper fits as planned.




So when you purchase this tamper, keep in mind that we designed it for the use inside of our Alterna Jars exclusively and that with the use of the lid in place on top the Alterna(TM) jar. We assume no responsibility over any kind of risks.

If you want to use this tamper with your Blendtec jar, it can be accomplished by purchasing the tamper together with our lid, our lid meaning the Alterna Lid specifically. This is the link to the package. - click!

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