Blendtec or K-Tec Blender (REFURBISHED) with Brand New Alterna Jar and Tamper

$180.00 $250.00

110 Volt Black, WHITE, RED, LIKE NEW Blenders. The blenders that I normally get in are the Classic 570-s, Total Blenders, with around 400 to 800 cycles registered, like new-refurbished, in mostly BLACK but sometimes in RED or WHITE All US plug - with a brand new ALTERNA JAR and a Tamper. CALL 801-623-3225 to confirm and pick the color or blender you want. I will send you a picture. The models change and are not entirely predictable so it is really best you call me and I help you finish the purchase, unless you don't mind that I will pick for you the best blender I have in stock.

The blender has been inspected, tested and found to be in excellent working condition and very low use-cycles registered in the hundreds. The blender is equipped and comes with a NEW Alterna jar and a free tamper, both specifically designed and engineered to work with the Blendtec type blenders. Your blender JAR is under warranty for 1 year for residential use only. The motor is sold AS IS. Some of the units are still under Blendtec Warranty, others are not. We have red, white, black blenders. This listing is for any of them. Make your purchase, and contact us with a color clarification. Add a 2nd Jar for a 20% discount. CALL 801-623-3225


Blendtec is a registered Trademark. Alterna is a registered Trademark. Blendtec has not authorized this Blendtec Blender / K-Tec blender sale equipped with the Alterna jar. The Alterna Jar is an aftermarket produced by Alterna Jar LLC made in the USA. Some components are imported.

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