Alterna OneCup™ Mason Jar Adapter™

$49.95 $130.00

Alterna OneCup™ Mason Jar Adapter™ (Plastic jar with o-ring / gasket and installed choice of blade assembly -select your blender use!

Also features VACUUM STORING / Vacuum Blending with your Blendtec / Vitamix blender.

It is for health smoothie and canning enthusiasts who for any of their own reasons like the idea storing and transporting or cooking, canning, preserving their smoothie, soup, sauce, puree concoction inside a Wide-Mouth Glass Mason Jar.

Blender(s) and Mason Jar NOT INCLUDED!

This is your new adapter that lets you put your soft-easy-to-blend food stuff ingredients into up to a 20oz large wide-mouth glass Mason Jar (Kerr or Ball) and use it on your Blendtec type, Waring MX style Power Blender, or the Vitamix- derivatives of Smoothie Blenders. Make your concoction basically with, yet not inside of, a "glass" Mason Jar. (Glass Mason Jar not included). Blending takes place inside the Alterna-Double-Walled specially designed and engineered plastic jar, not inside the glass jar!!!!

The advantages to use this adapter jar are that you are able to blend very small

amounts, blend with a glass jar on top and transfer the finished blend to, and store in your portable wide-mouth glass jar, create a vacuum within the jar for prolonged freshness and storage of your concoction. Blender(s) and Mason Jar NOT INCLUDED!

Because of this Vacuum-enabled and store-ability, while preserving freshness, you increase the longevity of the nutrient value of your smoothie, sauce, butter, puree, concoction way into the next day ahead. Whether you want to achieve short-term storage and extending freshness into the next day, or long-term and you are planning to boil your concoction in the mason glass jar and then seal it for a longer term preservation (canning), the OneCup Mason Jar Adapter is certainly a very new and unique attraction that takes all you smoothie and canning enthusiasts by surprise. It is for you. It is for you if you have had struggling moments with your larger jar to make a small baby puree. It is for you if you like storing in glass. It is not for you if you want to make large smoothie amounts or you are planning on blending difficult finicky smoothies with requirements of pre-tasting and / or adding more ingredients during your blend cycle. Remember, you are blending in an enclosed environment.

If you are a traveler or commuter or professional truck driver, long-haul or otherwise, in any event you want to make your smoothie the night before your following travel and/or work-day, just insert the ingredients, screw the Alterna OneCup™ Mason Jar Adapter™ onto your wide mouth Mason Jar (Kerr or Ball) up to 20 ounce in size, with your favorite ingredients in it, turn it over, put it on your blender, hold it in place (stand by), turn on the blender, and 20 to 30 seconds later you got a concoction. You may need to play with it, depending on what you are blending. A learning curve should be expected.

When finished, turn off the blender, take the contraption off the blender, turn it all over, the glass jar now on the bottom, unscrew the adapter after the entire content has moved down into the glass jar, slap a lid on it and refrigerate - time and temperature will automatically create a vacuum, as long as the temperature of the blended content inside your Mason Jar is greater than that of the refrigerator. Thus you are preserving your food for the next day (don't use ice during blending to enhance the seal and preservation time frame).

The Alterna OneCup™ Mason Jar Adapter™ is an Austrian engineered, American designed and made product, featuring a Patent Pending double wall, made with BPA-FREE copolyester material, and for turbulence increase (note that the jar is round), there are 2 ramps on the bottom of the jar that aid as a Turbulizer™ (patent pending).

A round jar creates less friction and is therefore not as easy to blend with than a square jar. In order to put a round wide-mouth mason jar onto this adapter, the jar itself needed to be round. We needed to come up with something that will help increase the turbulence, thus the Turbulizer feature on the bottom (2 ramps). The round jar feature may require that you might have to blend perhaps twice, if you notice the concoction may not be done to your liking. This is just how it is, there is no other way around that since the jar cannot be made square-shaped in a difficult production process. Well it could, but it would have increased the cost of tooling dramatically. So we have decided to leave it round. We have tested the adapter jar plenty of times with smoothies, purees, blending coffee beans, grain, rice, fruits, peanut and almond butter... for example for canning purposes and drinking healthy smoothies, and we have seen positive results, which you will like.

The do-s and don't-s are basically: Enjoy, but be safe. Adhere to the caution label on the product itself. This means, keep your hands out of the jar at all times; don't place the jar without the lid (mason jar not included) onto your blender ever; keep out of reach of children, and basically don't be irresponsible. Don't use a wide-mouth mason jar larger than 20 ounces because it could get top-heavy and you could increase your chances of glass breakage when this whole contraption goes overboard down onto your kitchen floor. Use it at your Own Risk. Don't blame us!

Blend soft food stuff only; No hard pits, large ice cubes, bones or pig's knuckles of that sort. Definitely don't attempt to blend up your iPhone, rocks, bearings, or anything inedible, or wood blocks, and therefore you get the idea. Hopefully we don't have to list any other possible items or objects you could possibly blend and get yourself into danger. Use common sense.

Our disclaimer: because you are buying this product and we can reasonably expect that you are reading this disclaimer here on our website and the disclaimer that comes printed on the jar and with the jar,  you can consider yourself legally notified that you understand that you hold us harmless from any damage to property and/or health, and that you understand that you are using this product at your own risk. Just because we may not have been able to think of it, of what else reckless behavior anyone could possibly come up with, to destroy this jar and endanger yourself, your health, etc... does not mean it is not included within this disclaimer. We are basically blanket-covering ourselves here, and notifying you hereby that you are using this product at your own risk.

Please, if you want to criticize this product or you think it is a stupid idea to put a glass wide-mouth mason jar onto a blender, keep in mind please,  the design is a rather safe double-walled contraption. Blending takes place inside the safe double-walled OneCup Mason Adapter Jar. We get it, we understand, we won't feel offended. But, I ask, don't buy it if you have any doubt in the safety of this jar. We have tested it many times and have found as long as you follow instructions and are aware of the potential risks as explained here in writing and on our videos, you will enjoy safe blending. This jar is not for everyone. This product is for those who like the idea blending small amounts and store their concoction in a wide mouth glass mason jar, those that like canning and food preservation.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 801-623-3225

30 Day Return Policy

1 Year Residential Use Warranty / 6 months Commercial Use Warranty

We will post videos and new pictures soon.

Note: Only the Jar with blades installed and 1 gasket is included, nothing else. Blender, Mason jar, etc... is not included! Blender(s) and Mason Jar NOT INCLUDED!

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