Universal Tamper Accelerator Tool - Fits Any Blender Jar, Made by Alterna


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Universal Tamper fits in any jar, no matter what blender you have...(except the Ninja which has an auger for a blade). The Universal Tamper stick is a 'natural white' FDA approved "for food contact" called Acetal Delrin. The flange (rings) 2 pieces are clamped around the desired location to fit appropriate on your tamper so when it is inserted through the lid opening the low end of the tamper will not touch the blades.

Flanges shown in picture "white" but are delivered in "RED". If the tamper touches the blade during operation, the blades will or can chip off some Acetal Delrin material and it will end up in your food. So make sure to measure the distance between lid hole and the tip of the blades carefully. Select the best suited flange groove. We are not responsible for a incorrect alignment or adjustment of the flange placement. Inserting the tamper into your blender jar during operation is at the user's own risk. User is responsible to know and understand the risks including but not limited to damage to the jar, the blade(s), and/or the blender and consequentially potential injury. If in doubt, contact us with questions. Shipping is included in the USA.

Disclaimer of liability and explanation of use policy (use at your own risk).

 $5.00 Discount on Tamper if you buy it together with your Alterna Jar Blendtec Use or Waring / JTC or Vitamix Use. Coupon Code is TAMPERBuddy

Patent Pending - In Stock- Order now. European Engineering - Assembled in the USA.



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