Tamper with Alterna Lid - for Blendtec Jar Use and any Alterna Jar use

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Alterna Lid and Tamper for the use on Blendtec Jars and Alterna JarsIf you have a Blendtec jar (Wildside and Fourside) and would like to use a tamper with these jars, this lid and tamper are the solution. You will have to use the Alterna lid instead of the Blendtec lid so the tamper won't touch the blades during operation. Always use the tamper with the the lid in place, just like shown in the pictures.   Why using a tamper? When the ingredient blending consistency has a ratio between liquid and solids, the entire content is too stiff to blend freely in a flowing vortex. This requires either a not-so well working Twister Jar (expensive as well), or you simply just get this lid and tamper and use it to accelerate your blending project.

This Tamper together with the Alterna Lid fits on all Alterna Jars, which in turn fits on all Blendtec Blenders, Waring MX style blenders, and the Vitamix types,.... (some minor limitations with use in sound sound enclosures apply)

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Disclaimer: We do not assume any responsibility for the use and application. It is the customers' responsibility to very and confirm proper fit and usage. Inappropriate or any kind of use for which this tamper and the lid is not designed for, is the sole responsibility of the user. Again, this tamper is made to fit inside the Alterna Jar with the Alterna Lid in place, not the Blendtec lid in place, and the Alterna Jar fits on various different blenders. It can also be used on the Wildside and Fourside type Blendtec jars with the Alterna Lid in place and not the Blendtec lid.

Blenders and jars are not included in this purchase

If questions, call 801 623 3225

Shipping is included in the USA.

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