Tamper Stick Omni Plastic

$10.00 $15.00

Plastic tamper stick for stirring or pushing down on ingredients in a safe way to prevent accidents or injury so the user does not have to use a fork or spoon (etc.) for "JUST IN CASE" when randomly ingredients get stuck. Ingredients can get stuck if the water content ratio is not adequate for blending freely. The tamper is not something that should be expected to be needed all the time. It is a tool for the occasion and for safety.

Use the tamper only with the lid in place on the jar and the cap removed. Do not insert into jar without lid in place and when the motor is running. It can cause damage to the tamper and possibly injury.

This plastic tamper stick fits into the Blendtec jars with the 'old' lid style that has the 1 inch round hole/cap.




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