Gear Piece Replacement - for Alterna jar blade assembly which is for Blendtec Use

$3.95 $7.50

We no longer are selling this particular gear piece / part. We have made changes to our assembly of the blade assemblies. The gear pieces are machine/tool tightened and set in with RED Loctite 263 - Extra Strength. By selling these parts, in case yours has stripped, you would likely replace it and then hand-tighten, and the result would not be acceptable, thus we no longer sell it. You need to buy the complete blade assembly.

Also, about gear pieces stripping, in the past when it did happen and we looked at returned jars and the assemblies, we noticed clearly negligent handling on the specific marks, dents and gauges the gears were showing. These damages / the stripping, as we observed, comes from different things / handling.

Users sometimes tend to tap on the jar and/or even shake or rock the jar back and forth on the blender while blending because for so many variable reasons, their concoction is not blending up as fast as they like to, instead of using a proper tamper / accelerator tool. Users sometimes lift off and/or place the jar on the blender while the motor is running. Users sometimes have an old blender with worn out drive gears, Users sometimes lift off the jar in an forward-tilt out of laziness not lifting up the sound enclosure cover all the way and because of speed requirements (in restaurants).

All of these things, and other bad habits lead to gear stripping. We are not responsible for the stripping on the outside of the gears. Thorough testing has shown that our gears do not strip with normal blending use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you.

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