Alterna Jar fits JTC Omni Blender w/ EXTRA blade assembly + Tamper; 80oz capacity

$99.95 $225.00

Alterna Jar with Tamper for JTC BlenderSpecial Package comes with blade installed already, plus 1 EXTRA blade on the side, and with tamper.   Blending capicity 80 ounces (2,5 Liter) with measuring markings to 2 Liter / 64 ounces. 9 Tamper for the Alterna Jarinches tall (22,50 cm). Weight including blade assembly and bottom plate 2.5 lbs (1,1 Kg). Tamper is included in this price. Material is BPA-FREE Co-Polyester by Eastman Tritan. Lid fits on Blendtec(R) jars, and Blendtec lids fit on the Alterna Jar(TM). Removable rubber lid cap -semi-permanently attached to lid, for inserting ingredients during blending; does not fall off unless removed; store on lid.     Blade assembly 4 knives sharpened - blade turns counter - clockwise, stainless steel housing with carbide ball bearings;

Removable blade cutting unit, not required, but it is a convenient feature for replacement needs. DO NOT submerge in water prolonged, do not leave sitting in sink water puddle, do not clean inside dishwasher. Store jar with blade upright not upside down, hand-wash and hand-dry, for increased blade bearing longevity. Blend multiple type of ingredients from seeds, broccoli, carrots, avocado ... sauces, smoothies, soups, purees, ice cream, etc... Make smoothies 16 ounces or even in size of 80 ounces.  Inspect before every usage!

Jar fits on all JTC OMNI Blenders, Klarstein, Optimum 9200 (all private label derivatives from Omni), on all Waring Raptor Xtreme 3.5 hp blender bases, however without the sound enclosure top! It also fits on private labeled blenders such as Good4U, also a Waring production. It fits also on other blender bases like Vita Mix, JTC OMNI blenders, and on Blendtec blenders subject to replacing blade assembly for correctly fitting cutting unit. The Vitamix, Omni, Froothie Optimum 9200 A and Waring motors turn counterclockwise and the gear size is larger while Blendtec turns clockwise and the gear needs to be thinner.

Alterna Jars on multiple blendersNote, for longer lasting blade bearings, keep out of dishwasher and hand-wash only, hand-dry. Make sure the bottom plate retaining nut stays hand-tight at all times to prevent damage to the jar. The Alterna jar sits on Waring / Omni / Vitamix type blenders 45 degrees perpendicular like in the picture above:




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Blade Care Guide

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Washing the Jar

 Remove Blade Assembly


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