Tamper Accelerator Tool with LID - Fits Blendtec Blender Jars, Made by Alterna USA

$20.50 $49.50

COVID-19 DISCOUNT    You want to blend thick and heavy creamy concoctions. Without the need to buy an expensive Blendtec Twister Jar, you can equip your Wildside or your Fourside jar with the Alterna Lid and Tamper system and accomplish the same thing.   You don't have to stand by and keep twisting the Twister-Jar Lid twisting tool. And your big Blendtec jar is much bigger too, while also saving over $100 bucks.   Made from food-grade rubber in the USA, the lid fits on Blendtec jars and on the Alterna Jar.    Use the tamper only with the Alterna lid in place to prevent the tamper from touching the blades, while at the same time pushing down on ingredients and accelerating the blending process. MADE USA. (Alterna or Blendtec Jar in pictures not included).

Alterna Jar on Blendtec Blenders - with Tamper

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