Alterna™ Sound Enclosure Box - Muffler for Blendtec, Waring, Vita Mix Blenders

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Temporarily  Out-of Stock- Working on getting it in. In the meantime I suggest you use a 5 gal bucket and rubber mat.

Made in the USA

This is the new sound enclosure. Visit our new product by clicking on the image. Alterna is the sturdiest Sound Enclosure on the market, retrofitted for all sorts of blenders sizes.

Picture is a prototype. The real thing will be prettier.

Alterna™ is USA MADE! The Alterna™ Sound Enclosure cover muffler fits  Blendtec, Vita Mix, Waring, Hamilton Beach, Ninja, etc. blenders and fits all blenders with the below dimensions. It makes your blenders much quieter.

The sound box reduces the noise level by over 50%. It is made of a food-safe industrial poly-carbonate material that is very durable and relatively heavy at under 12 lbs (6kg). The outside measurements are 10.5 inches wide, by 11.5 inches deep, by 22 inches tall. The lid opens up to the top. So clearance above the sound box is necessary to about 32 to 34 inches approximately.

Shipping weight is 15lbs and shipping box size is 14 x 14 x 24 inches. Shipping in the USA ranges from anywhere $35 to $65 (Based on FEDEX rates),  depending on where we have to ship this heavy sturdy big box. International shipping ranges from anywhere $65 to $85 (USPS Rates). But when you get it, you will see what we mean with sturdy. But that to the side, there is a fat chance that your Alterna™ Sound Enclosure box will break, unless you hit it with a sledge hammer or throw it off a high-rise building.

The material can scratch and scuff.

 5 Year Limited Warranty. Made in the USA.

Which Blenders Fit? - Fits mostly all blenders! Check with us if you have questions, there could be some exceptions.


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