Blank Alterna Jar (no blade, no lid, no bottom plate)

$38.95 $70.00

You are purchasing the Alterna jar which can be made to fit on any Blendtec blender, Vitamix, Omni, Waring, etc... just by swapping out the correct blade. Lid, blade assembly, bottom plate is "NOT" included. 

The Alterna jar has a 80 ounces volume with 64 ounce measurement markings. Weight is 1 lbs and it measures approximately 7 x 7 x 9 inches tall. The Blendtec lid fits on the jar as well. But you cannot use this jar to repair your Blendtec jar. It serves strictly the purpose for replacement IF you already have an ALTERNA blade, bottom plate, and a lid.


30 Day Return Policy

Blade Care Guide (although this item does not come with blade)

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