Upgrade from Blade Assembly to Alterna Jar for Blendtec Blender USE Plus Tamper

$65.00 $99.00

Sold Out

Upgrade your Blade Assembly purchase at Alterna to a full Jar for your Blendtec Blender use plus the Tamper. Here you have already purchased your blade assembly, obviously by mistake because your Blendtec Blender Jar cannot be repaired. The solution is however to get our Alterna jar for the Blendtec blender. Now, that you have already paid $35, all you have to do now is pay the remaining $55, (this is including for a Tamper) since the total price of the Alterna jar with tamper including shipping USA is $90. Once you have bought your Upgrade, we will ship you a complete Jar, with lid and blade installed plus your tamper. Shipping USA included!

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