Refurbished 110 Volt Black - JTC OMNIBLEND TM800-A Heavy Duty 3 hp Smoothie Blender with 1 sq. Jar

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Refurbished means in this particular case that the blender has been used, looked over, a new blade assembly and lid have been installed on the 'used' but barely still nice looking although with some scratches and scuffs - jar, with new tamper stick.

JTC OMNIBlend Smoothie Blender - 3 horsepower Motor-  1 pc BPA-FREE copolyester container (square Jar - 2liters / 64 oz); Tamper stick, recipe book,

The JTC OMNIBlend - aka Omni blender is the best bang for your buck, best heavy duty blender on the market. For this current low price you get the same type power blending machine as the higher-priced blenders at $450 - $500.

This commercial grade high performance blender comes with a 3 horsepower energy efficient optimized motor, which is much quieter than its higher-priced competitors', and it can be expected to last longer because it runs cooler (latest technology). Blend the finest smoothies, hot soups, ice cream, nut butters, purees, etc. Operation features Low - Medium - High speed settings, pulse button, and 35, 60, or 90 seconds timer settings program. Each time the High or timer settings are selected, the blender motor starts with low, going to medium, and then to high automatically to simulate the manual speed increase that is ideal for blending hard-to-emulsify ingredients to the microscopic cellular level, needed to accomplish maximum phyto-nutrient intake.

The 64 oz bpa-free co-polyester Eastman Tritan(TM) jar (all purpose container and blade) comes with a rubber lid and cap (removable), and a all purpose / multi-function dry/wet ingredient blade unit made from hardened stainless steel.


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