Blade Assembly Blending Unit for WARING MX type Blenders

$37.50 $85.00

This blade assembly fits all Waring MX type 3.5 hp series blender containers.  Fits all XT Type jars from Waring... talking about the 3.5 hp xTreme blender series. See picture - blender and jar not included. Also note, the jar on top of the MX1000XT blender is the aftermarket Alterna Container.

We test every blade assembly on our MX type Waring blenders of how it fits on the blender and inside the jar and how it operates. Please make sure you really have the latest MX Waring blender jar. Before you install it and use it, make sure it fits correctly into the jar and does not touch the side walls as some older models Waring MX jars are narrower.

Sometimes the tolerances of the drive socket installed on your Waring blender may be off and in case the drive socket sits too high, the jar could hypothetically wobble and not correctly fit onto your Waring blender with the installed Alterna Blade. If this happens, please do not use the blender and give us a call so we can find a solution.

This blade assembly also fits into the Alterna Jar. Inspect before every use!

Blade Care Guide

Disclaimer of liability and explanation of use policy (use at your own risk).

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