Blendtec 37 oz Twister Jar with Twister lid and regular lid

$65.00 $120.00

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You are purchasing a Brand Blendtec manufactured Twister Jar, 37 ounces size with 12 ounce markings. It comes with two lids. One is the twister mechanism - lid and the other is the lid for the jar. The spatula is not included.

This particular jar is LIKE NEW; it shows some minor wear or imperfections or storage scuffs on jar and lid, thus the discounted price.

Disclaimer: Blendtec is a trademarked brand by Blendtec Corporation. Alterna Jar LLC / 123Vita LLC is not affiliated with Blendtec. The OEM Blendtec products that we occasionally offer for sale are either refurbished or like new or sometimes used which we disclose as such as applicable. We are not in the habit to sell "Blendtec" brand products or components, only our Alterna Jar products which is an aftermarket product to work on all Blendtec blenders. This particular product does not come with a warranty. The quantities that we have in stock and/or are selling from our website are VERY limited. The purchase function only works if there is stock. Alterna Jar is a trademark owned by 123Vita LLC.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email at or call at 801-623-3225

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