Blade Assembly for Alterna Jar- Waring Vitamix JTC Omni etc. Use

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The Alterna(TM) better blade assembly...4 knives for multi-purpose use ice dry and wet ingredients blending, especially effective with little hardy seeds like from raspberries blackberries or strawberries - fits Waring Raptor MX1000XT MX1050XT MX1100XT MX1200XT MX1300XT MX1500XT commercial 3.5 hp blenders (also Good4U blenders). (Good4U and Waring are Trademarks owned by their applicable owners. The mere fact that it fits other blenders, is not prohibited in itself, but it is not supported by the blender factory on which it is used, however tested, supported and guaranteed by Alterna Jars LLC.)  Inspect before every use!

Warranty of this blade is 6 months. Warranty is applicable for defect, not for wear and tear. Keep out of dishwasher. Clean - rinse by hand and dry by hand right after use. Do not store water / liquid and do not let sit in sink with a water puddle, do not soak... all for increased blade bearing longevity. If you have any questions. please feel free to contact us.

This particular blade is ideal for all, wet and dry ingredient blending and Ice blending. See other accessories.

 Disclaimer of liability and explanation of use policy (use at your own risk).

Blade Care Guide

How to repair your blade assembly / switch your blade from your container:

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